Initial Assessment and Consultation :  £45.00/£60.00
Children initial first assessment : £27.00

One to One :  £45.00                              
Couple/Family Counselling :   £60.00 
Children (up to 18 years) :  £27.00      
Over £65 years : £40.00 
Adult 50 minute session;  Couple 60 minute session;
 children 40 minute session.

October 2013
How did counselling help you?
It helped me immensely – Ellen helped me express my feelings and move forward in a positive manner and every session was like a breath of fresh air. Just remember, Ellen can only do so much, you got to want to change and help yourself too!

July 2015
My son’s anxiety and coping skills have greatly improved since having a course of therapy sessions. He has always looked forward to attending his sessions and I was amazed by how the second session he greeted Ellen cheerily and walked upstairs without looking back. Over the course of the 12 weeks, we have seen a huge change in our son for the better. He is coping much better at school and generally in social situations. His teacher reports how well he is now managing his anxiety and that he is now participating in a more confident manner. At home he is more relaxed and is generally more resilient when things go wrong or he can’t work something out. He is communicating his feelings more and is becoming much more positive.
Ellen has always been welcoming to us both and very supportive. I would like to thank her for everything she has done for for my son.
I would not hesitate to use the service again and would highly recommend it to others.

March 2014
I know that one day I will be better than this and with all the things i have learnt about myself in our sessions I know i am not going to stop trying to concur my PTSD. It is no longer controlling me and I think this is the first time I have ever believed that I can be ok. Thank you for helping me so much you inspire me to keep going when all my instincts tell me to give up.  


Initial Assessment and Consultation : £45.00/£60.00
Children initial first assessment : £27.00

One to One Counselling - (£43 x 6 = £258) :  £258.00
Couple/Family Counselling - (£56 x 6 = £336)  :  £336.00
Children (up to 18 years) - (£24 x 6 = £144) :  £144.00
Over £65 years - (£36 x 6 = £216) :  £216.00
Adult 50 minute session;   Couple 60 minute session; 
Children 40 minute session

December 2016
Thank you for listening. Being able to talk through a lot of issues with someone impartial was a huge benefit to myself. With the fast pace of 20th Century living, it’s easy for the rollercoaster to start veering off the rails. To take time out to talk about everything helps to get it all back on track.

January 2017
Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter. Both my husband and I have noticed a change for the better over the last few months. She’s much more open and better able to control her anger. She’s always going to be a bit quirky, that’s what makes her and I wouldn’t want to change that for the world.  
Once again thank you and I’m sure our paths will cross again at some point in the future.
A grateful parent.

July 2014
I didn’t believe that counselling was the answer for me when I went through a difficult relationship breakup, however I began seeing my therapist, Ellen. After just a few sessions, I turned my attitude around, and began moving forward, instead of backwards, which for a while, seemed like would never happen. I owe a lot to Ellen, who really listened, and helped me install targets in my life to help me move forward. She helped me find the path I had strayed far from, and reminded me there was such a lot of positive things ahead. From seeing her I have found myself again, which I am eternally grateful for. Ellen isn’t just a therapist, she is a person, who has helped change my life for the better. Take a chance on counselling, and you’ll never look back.
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